Here you can meet some fine canine citizens that we have placed in loving homes!


PEARL lives in Montana now with the Esker Family!

You can see from the photos that she is quickly adapting here. She is learning some more obedience commands and has corrected Pepper Tommy when he tried to convince her he was a rottweiler. Didn't bite him, just pinned him down and put her big nose on his little one and pretty much told him there was a new pack leader in town. Thanks for every thing, she is a great dog.


Dear Ones,

She's adjusting to the area. The neighborhood loves her. She goes with me a great deal in the car. She's settled with an excellent vet and they love her. She and the kitty walk together and she looks after the kitty cat.We follow the paths on the golf course at least once a day. She plays with one of Offray's old stuffed toys, even runs and fetches it.

She's much loved and admired. The common expression is " She's gorgeous".

Many good wishes and many thanks for everything,
Lee and Kwannon


Dear Dawn and Don,

Just a few pictures of the one and only Chief.

Things are going great. He has brought so much enjoyment to this family, we truely feel lucky to have him.

Joe and Karen Merccica


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